Kate & Carl’s Wedding at The Wizard Alderley Edge was held on 30th October 2015. The Wizard is a small but characteristic 17th century rustic gastropub set on National Trust land with great staff and fantastic food!

As a Nottingham wedding photographer, I seldom have the opportunity to venture into new territories, so capturing the wedding of two very good friends in Manchester was an exciting prospect to say the least, albeit with a small amount of pressure thrown in, as Carl (aka 300mm Carl, as he owns a rather large 300m f2.8 Canon lens) is a fantastic photographer! Although Carl does have professional equipment, he never regards himself as a ‘professional photographer’ and opts for a more modest ‘keen amateur’ to which I greatly admire, mainly because his photography skills are far superior in comparison to photographers I know who are self proclaimed ‘professionals’.

The day started with a bang! quite literally as the night before saw myself, Carl &the best man Brent consume a large quantity of ‘Queen of Scots’ (A Canadian favourite consisting of Drambuie & Rémy Martin) A hangover was not what I had in mind for the morning of the wedding, but things improved as Kate made me a lovely brew in Carl’s ‘morning gorgeous’ mug, (much to his disgust!) and Kate’s sister Caroline cooking up a sensational smoked salmon &scrambled egg bagel for everyone during the hair & make up by the very talented Lisa Simms

The groom and his best man arrived at the Wizard in a Rolls Royce Phantom (previously owned by Rowen Atkinson) While time was on our side, we ventured into the woodland to the rear of the pub to capture some autumnal groom shots.

Following a lovely ceremony with laughter and emotion Kate & Carl were now Mr & Mrs Daniels! They had been for a ride in the Rolls Royce and were reaching the halfway point, time certainly flies when you’re having fun. It was 3:30pm and the light was rapidly fading, as a result we opted for some bride & groom shots in the woodland while we had the light (was a good call because it was pitch black less than an hour later)

As the bridal party were seated, the speeches began with the father of the bride, followed by the groom and finally the best man. Being good communicator, Carl delivered a sincerely heart-warming speech packed with emotion. It was also a great speech in the fact that he gave a shout out to his ‘favourite photographer’ and rewarded me with a bottle of Cognac, bonus!

Hats go off to the Chef at the Wizard, the chicken liver parfait with a homemade marmalade followed by a braised shoulder of home reared lamb, with dauphinoise potatoes & roasted pumpkin was some of the best wedding food I’ve ever tasted! This fuelled the bellies of the guests ready for an epic evening of live entertainment from Superfreak.


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