designed to match your branding for seamless website integration.

Elevate your online presence with custom-branded virtual tours in Nottingham—an invaluable digital asset offering an immersive 360° experience that showcases your business in the best possible light, day and night.

Crafted with 4K resolution for exceptional clarity and detail, our virtual tours are fully responsive and compatible with virtual reality, providing an interactive and engaging experience.

Packed with a myriad of features and benefits, these virtual tours go beyond a visual journey; they are a powerful marketing tool, unlocking a world of possibilities for businesses in Nottingham, Derby and the East midlands aiming to captivate their audience and boost their online visibility.

Fully responsive & google friendly

Add the tour to your Google Maps listing (Great for SEO)

Virtual Tours Nottingham & Derby Mobile screen



A navigation menu for easy access to all areas of the tour (Can also include floor plans with hotspots)


Take the 360 tour into the sky with drone panoramas. Ideal for the start of the tour and to include in the menu.


Customised to match your web content. Including Fonts, Colours & Logos



Info cards are the essence of a virtual tour. They allow your audience to click on objects and discover information, images or a video inside the scene.


Photo albums complement a virtual tour and enables users to flick through a series of professional still photography. (discounts available on stills when booked with a tour)


All it takes is one button to switch from normal to VR. Compatible with Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus, Vive & VR Box.


Attract more engagement on social media by linking to the virtual tour. (Includes a custom designed social media image) Or better yet upload the 360 Facebook video.


Quarterly Google analytics report illustrating the performance of the tour sent straight to your inbox


Upload to your Google listing which increases page views enormously. They’ve also been proven to help with SEO and visibility on Google. Tours can also be published as a 360 video for use on Facebook & YouTube.


Virtual-Tours-Nottingham Live-guided-Tours


The new concept to communicate with your clients

Live guided tours allow you to have video conference calls within a virtual tour. Have your audience access the tour the same time as yourself. Simply input a password that will open a webcam window (just like a Zoom/Skype meeting) then guide them through the virtual tour. They can look around on their own or follow your screen to have you point out details and give a personal (sales) presentation.

A great tool for any business who may offer show rounds like schools, estate agents & wedding coordinators, etc. Especially useful if people live far away and aren’t able to view in person.


No business is too big or too small.

Click the thumbnails to jump into the virtual tour

Virtual Tours Nottingham - School II
Hillside School Virtual Tour
Virtual Tours Nottingham - Care home
Virtual Tours Nottingham - Liberty House Care home


Great photography transforms brands & energises marketing material

Discounts available on still photography when booked with a virtual tour.

This saves time, money and creates consistency across your branding and online imagery.


Virtual Tours Nottingham Alfreton Hall
Virtual-Tours-Nottingham-&-Derby sea scape
Virtual Tours Nottingham - Matt Selby photography
Virtual-Tours-Nottingham-&-Derby reception 360
Virtual-Tours-Nottingham-&-Derby office space


Virtual Tours Nottingham Sea view
Virtual Tours Nottingham Alfreton Hall
Virtual Tours Nottingham Scale Space
Virtual Tours Nottingham - Matt Selby photography
Virtual-Tours-Nottingham-&-Derby office space



Any business that has a physical location will benefit from a virtual tour.

They’re great for any sized business but especially suited to larger businesses that may have multiple areas, buildings or even sites.

This makes it easy for the user to access various areas of the tour/building/sites whilst being presented with information in each area.


Back in the early days of 360 tours, each city had a small number of ‘Google certified photographers’. We photograhed tours that would be added to your Google listing. It was a great way of marketing your businesses and when used correctly, could really increase impressions, and click through rates resulting in extra web traffic and bookings.

Over the years Google swapped and changed many things and took a lot of control off our hands. The main bug bearer for many photographers was the difficuly in capturing larger businesses and making it a user friendly tour. Until they released Multi-floor tours, you’d have to navigate down corridors and up staircases to get from A-B. Following a Google update which allowed for floor numbers to be added (aka the elevator widget) it enabled different floors to be captured and assigned to a number for quick and easy access. (not idea but it worked, kind of!)

Fast forward a couple of years, Google tours no longer had support, like most things, bugs appeared that wasn’t fixed with updates. The elevator widget stopped working, you no longer had to be a certified photographer to capture street view style tours, no extra features/updates were added and the entire platform was left to rot. During those times other platforms were developed by independant companies (presumably because they were so fed up at the lack of technology available, especially as the technology was out there)

Custom tours was a breath of fresh air! They worked, and they worked well, aside from the 360 view, we were now able to add features into a tour, we could make the tour rotate, add hotspots and info cards, add video and stills into the tour and they’re all built on a reliable platform. As technology improves, so do the tours.

The comparison between Google tours & custom tours is night and day (quite literally as you can even have day to night transitional panoramas!) The features available with custom tours blows anything else out the water (check out live guided tours!) the tours are reliably hosted and maintained, work on all platforms and use the latest technology.


Absolutely, I would encourage you to keep the tour up to date and maybe look at adding new areas to the tour following any refurbishments or changes.

The best thing about a custom tour is the ability to add or remove sections and update information as and when needed. As technology expands, so does your tour!


INITIAL CONSULTATION: It’s always good to chat about your vision/requirements and to get an idea of the size and scale of the project. This enables me to find out exactly what youre looking for in order to provide a quote.

THE SHOOT: The Photography can be done at a convenient time to minimise disruption. This is actually a quick process and doesn’t take that long.

THE BUILD: This is where the hard work starts. I use the photographs and & media assets to construct the tour in line with your branding.

FOLLOW UP: I’ll check in after 12 months to see how the tour has performed and weather you need to make any revisions to the tour.


Custom tours are exactly what they say on the tin, there’s a lot of features, some of which are optional extras so prices can vary depending on the features, size & scale. The good news is that you can decide how big or small to make the tour and I can work with you to make sure you get the most for your money.

All tours need to be hosted on a reliable and fast server. I offer 12 months hosting which covers maintenance and minor revisions. Following the first year you’re welcome to self-host the tour, or I can continue to host the tour for a small annual fee (£90)


Dealing with Matt has been a pleasure from start to finish. No nonsense, sensible pricing, an incredible service, and a superb quality product at the end.

After monitoring the performance from a batch of tours, we’ve discovered an increase in web traffic by 50% and transactions by 30%, resulting in a fast ROI.

Matt is a delight to work with, professional, polite and friendly, I feel completely at ease when I know that he’s on the job photographing our hostels to the highest standards.

Jon Smith

Head of E-Commerce, YHA England & Wales

Following an initial meeting with Matt I instantly found him very informative and trustworthy. Matt advised professionally and realistically what would be best for my business and gave good advice throughout.

The shoot was carried out to the highest standards and the turn around was fast. The work has reflected my business in a highly positive and professional way.

Having a Virtual Tour on Google has proven to be incredibly cost effective and a valuable asset in our marketing strategies.

Mr Bullock

Managing Director, Urban Angels Hair Boutique


I’m Matt, a Nottingham based 360 photographer. Over the last 14 years I’ve photographed many businesses in various industries and increased their online prescence with 360 tours and still photography.

My wealth of experience, attention to detail and genuine interest in the work I carry out ensures you’ll receive the highest standards of photography and the most modern cutting edge technology.

So far I’ve captured over 4,500 panoramas for various UK businesses that has amassed to over 45 million views (and counting) online.


Experience the impact of our custom-branded virtual tours in Nottingham—your gateway to immersive 360° visuals, 4K resolution clarity, and a host of features designed to elevate your business’s online presence and captivate your audience.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a site survey to discuss your project please fill out the form below.

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