Prestwold Hall Wedding Photography 14th October 2017

I’m really pleased to share with you the epic wedding of Mr & Mrs Michalak at the awesome Prestwold Hall in Loughborough. Having met with Emma & Steff to discuss their big day, I knew this was going to be a cracker! I’ve been relishing the opportunity to shoot a Prestwold Hall wedding for some time. The grandeur of this place is immense and it has bags of photographic potential. Huge thanks to Emma & Steff for giving me the creative freedom to capture unique images that aren’t your typical run of the mill wedding photography.

Information & advice from the newly-weds.

How long have you been together: We’ve been together for 9 years and met 11 years ago at Tesco. You could say that I grew on Steff as it took 2 years to finally snag him. I like to think I wore him down!

Any stories or tales from the proposal: On my 26th birthday and Steff set me off on a treasure hunt around the house. I would find little clues and gifts as I went along. He hid lots of my favourite things until the last gift which he was hiding behind his back. As I ran to him he seemed to freeze and just stare at me. It was then the thought crossed my mind he might propose. He got down on one knee and asked. I remember asking him if he was sure before I said yes!

Reasons for choosing your venue: Working for the National Trust I have a bit of a love for country houses and Prestwold Hall suited us. A bit quirky but very classy.

Colour scheme/theme/style: We went for a baby/pastel pink and royal blue. A bit of a contrast but seemed to work quite well.

Any special thoughts/memories from the day: We both agree that what we thought would be the hardest bit was actually quite easy. Our personal vows to each other just came naturally. I also vaguely remember getting on top of the horse statue (which is rumoured to be alarmed) ….. the DJ dared me to!

Any advice for couples planning a wedding: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Worrying if people were going to fit in their suits didn’t even cross my mind on the day. Also take some time to be with your new husband/wife. I found that we were passing ships meeting all our guests. 

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Supplier details

Venue: Prestwold Hall

Coordinator: M-J McMullen

Photography: Matt Selby Photography

Hair Stylist: Enhance Hair and Beauty

Make up artist: Enhance Hair and Beauty

Dress: The Dress Place and Jane Norman

Suits: Slaters

Cake: English Cheesecake Company

Flowers: Scent with Love

Stationary/Styling: Elegance Chair Covers

Car: Platinum Limousines

DJ/Band: Jameson at Mega Discos


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