the best Wedding Venues in Nottingham & Derbyshire

A helpful guide to finding some of the best wedding venues in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and the surrounding areas.

Best Wedding Venues in Nottingham & Derbyshire

Navigating the plethora of available Wedding venues in Nottingham or Wedding venues in Derby can be a daunting task as the options continue to grow with new venues opening. Deciding where to begin requires thoughtful consideration, including factors such as location, size, and the venue’s ability to meet your specific needs.

Below, is a curated selection of wedding venue types across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire to aid you in planning your special day. I’ve also included the odd venue from a nearby bordering county like Leicestershire.

For comprehensive information about each venue, The ‘Featured Wedding Venues’ section below has detailed insights accompanied by a selection of my wedding photographs from over the years.

larger Historic homes

Opting for historic homes as your wedding venue offers a great alternative for those seeking a departure from a contemporary ambiance, leaning towards a more traditional setting. Typically boasting numerous rooms, these venues have a timeless charm. However, it’s crucial to consider logistical aspects if your guests are distributed throughout the entire house.

Historic homes are renowned for their enchanting interior decor, providing a picturesque backdrop that enhances the allure of wedding portraits. Situated in often more rural locales, these venues offer expansive grounds, creating the perfect canvas for those creative outdoor photos.

Check out: Stapleford Park, Wollaton Hall, Hodsock Priory, Calke Abbey. Newstead Abbey.


Norwood park aerial photograph


This category offers a wide spectrum of choices, from the timeless ambiance of old country halls to the contemporary allure of urban houses.

The diversity within this category ensures abundant options, allowing you to discover a venue with the style and flair that perfectly suits your needs for size and scale.

Check out: Swancar Farm, Yeldersley Hall, Norwood Park, Prestwold Hall, Holme Pierrepont Hall, The Carriage Hall, Kelham Hall, Kelham House, Colwick Hall, Stubton Hall, Shottle Hall, Tissington Hall. Blackbrook House, Pumping House.

Weddings at Belvoir Castle aerial photograph

Castle wedding

Castle weddings are a photographer’s dream venue, offering the epitome of grandeur for those seeking the ultimate fairy-tale experience. The allure of a castle wedding lies in the potential for a majestic setting, creating a truly enchanting wedding day. The interiors and meticulously landscaped gardens of a castle provide an exquisite backdrop for capturing timeless photographs.

Beyond the architectural splendor, castles often boast stunning gardens, adding an extra layer of beauty to your celebration. (Who doesn’t love a rose garden!) 

Check out: Belvoir Castle, Harlaxton Manor, Newark Castle, Nottingham Castle.


Barn weddings offer an ideal setting for those seeking a rustic and charming atmosphere. These venues provide a cosy and warm ambiance, particularly well-suited for winter celebrations. The rustic charm is accentuated by the intimate glow of candlelight and the presence of wooden beams, creating a picturesque backdrop for your wedding photos.

Opting for a barn venue often ensures an exclusive and private wedding experience. However, it’s essential to be mindful that barns may not always provide on-site accommodation. Despite this potential limitation, the unique and inviting atmosphere of a barn wedding makes it a compelling choice for couples looking to infuse their special day with warmth and a touch of rustic elegance.

Check out: Swancar Farm, Hazel Gap BarnThe Ashes Barns & Country House, Donington park Farmhouse. Barns at Bunsbury Hill, Stretton Manor Barn, Hanbury Barn.


Marquee/Tipi wedding

Marquee or Tipi weddings are a popular choice for couples looking to host their celebration on their own property. With a blank canvas, you can bring your vision to life.

It’s important to consider practical aspects. Adequate space becomes a crucial consideration, and factors like heating become essential for non-summer weddings. Additionally, the responsibility for details such as seating, tables, and other necessities falls on the couple.

Some of the venue’s in the categories above also have a marquee available for larger weddings which I’ll include in the list below. 

Check out: Inkersall Grange Farm, The Walled Garden, Shottle Hall.


Hotel weddings provide the convenience of having everything under one roof. Accommodations are readily available, and catering is typically included. However, exclusivity may not be guaranteed, as hotels often host other guests and multiple weddings on the same day. Despite this, hotel weddings can offer a comprehensive in-house experience and are usually more budget-friendly.

Check out: Colwick Hall Hotel, Peak Edge Hotel, St James Hotel, Breadsall Priory Hotel, Hotel Van Dyk

Sporting venues

Sporting venues offer a unique wedding setting, especially for avid sports fans. Whether it’s your favorite football club or the local cricket ground, it allows you to infuse your passion into your special day. If it coincides with a match day, guests can enjoy the entertainment at no extra cost.

Keep in mind that it may not fulfill all preferences, and choosing a venue associated with a specific team could be a discussion point for both partners.

Check out: The City Ground, Trent Bridge Cricket Club, Notts County Football Club, The Nottinghamshire Golf & Country Club,


Here’s some featured posts from some of the best wedding venues in Nottingham, Derbyshire and the surrounding areas. Here, you’ll uncover more information about each venue along with a curated selection of my favorite wedding photographs captured over the years.

Best Wedding Venues in Nottingham & Derbyshire


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