Nottingham fashion shoot in the Lace Market 17/3/2015

Here’s a batch of images from a somewhat impromptu shoot in Nottingham’s Lace Market. The only thing that was planned was the shoot, other than that I had very little to go on. I met up with Gareth (my trusty assistant) at 16:00 and quickly scouted a few locations which would provide an ideal backdrop for my model Chris Wells, who was recently crowned Mr Nottingham!

The following images were taken to demonstrate the photographic potential for grooms (or brides for that matter) in urban areas. The areas covered in the shoot are all within a 5 minute walk from each other so one doesn’t have to venture far to find ideal photo opportunities.

I find it interesting to walk down a street with the intention on finding a suitable area for a photograph, with this mindset one can quickly find scenes/environments/backdrops that could otherwise be ignored, as one particular building I came across had some serious photographic potential, a boarded up door, paint cracking & peeling off the walls the kind of building you don’t expect to see in Nottingham’s Lace Market – the sort of building people will pass on a daily basis and simply ignore, maybe we’re subconsciously drawn to the opposite in urban areas, as we’re so used to seeing designer shops, vibrant colours, advertisements etc which makes building like this go unnoticed. For me, finding these hidden gems can not only be satisfying when you see the final images, but can set you apart from other photographers.

The weather was dull/hazy/bland/boring so I decided to avoid the sky and focus on the scene. All the photographs below are shot using a single off camera flash and a beauty dish. Thanks to Chris Wells for modelling & Gareth Newstead for assisting (& BTS shots)

Gear used: Nikon D800/Nikon 50mm 1.4/Nikon80-200 2.8/Genesis GF400W flash with BD.

Nottingham fashion shoot 21Nottingham fashion shoot 20Nottingham fashion shoot 19Nottingham fashion shoot 18Nottingham fashion shoot 17Nottingham fashion shoot 16Nottingham fashion shoot 15Nottingham fashion shoot 14Nottingham fashion shoot 13Nottingham fashion shoot 12Nottingham fashion shoot 11

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