Photo Restoration in Nottingham

Photo Restoration in Nottingham


Professional Photo Restoration Service in Nottingham

Welcome to Matt Selby Photography, I offer in house photo restoration services in Nottingham. I understand the value of preserving cherished memories captured in old and damaged photographs. With my expertise and passion for imagery, I can breathe new life into your treasured photos, ensuring they remain a timeless testament to your most precious moments.

Whether it’s restoring faded colors, repairing tears, or removing blemishes, I can transform your memories into beautifully restored images that you’ll cherish for years to come. Should you wish, I’m able to provide a colourise version to get a better glimpse of that moment in the past.

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photo scanning services in Nottingham

In addition to photo restoration, I also provide professional print scanning services. Whether it’s preserving duplicates of your cherished photographs or safeguarding against damage to original prints, I offer scanning for sizes up to A4. This not only protects your original prints but also facilitates image restoration if they are damaged or faded, bringing them back to their former glory. Additionally, I offer the option to create color versions of your scanned images.

Having a digital copy not only ensures a secure backup for your precious memories but also provides convenient accessibility whenever you need them.

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Negative / Slide scanning services in Nottingham

Have you got a box of old 35mm negatives or slides from years ago? Scanning these into digital files allows you to restore those hidden memories and have them in printed or digital format.




What is photo restoration?

Photo restoration is the process of repairing and enhancing old or damaged photographs to restore them to their original condition or improve their overall appearance.

How does the photo restoration process work?

The photo restoration process involves in-house work using a stylus pen and graphics tablet to meticulously remove tears, scratches, and other artifacts from the image, aiming to restore it to its original quality. Restoration can be done from either a print or a high-resolution digital copy provided by the client.

What file formats will I receive for my restored photos?

Alongside any prints you may require, you will receive a digital copy of your restored photo in JPEG format, ensuring easy access for safekeeping and convenient sharing with family and friends.

Will my original photos be damaged during the scanning process?

Rest assured, your original photos will not be damaged during the scanning process. I handle them with great care, and once scanned, each image is placed in a protective envelope, ensuring their safety until collection or delivery.

Can you restore old, damaged photos that are severely degraded?

The ability to restore severely degraded photos depends on the extent of the damage. Before proceeding with any scanning, I will assess the condition of your photos and provide advice on what restoration is possible and what may not be achievable.

Can I get prints?

Sure, all prints are done in house with a choice of matte/lustre paper or metallic paper. Prints can either be posted or collected with your photo/slides if you chose to drop them off.

How big can I print my images.

For scanned slides / negatives. The main thing that determines how well an image will print at larger sizes is the quality of the original image. If the original image was blurred/out of focus or maybe underexposed this can drastically affect how well an image prints.

Assuming you have a good quality professional standard image, 7200 dpi optical resolution ensures sharp and vivid images and an output of up to 68.9 megapixels. That’s similar to a full frame digital-SLR camera. You can create enlargements up to 36” x 24” at this resolution.

For scanned photos. In most cases 6×4 is a good size, especially if the original image was smaller than a 6×4. (A lot of older photographs are much smaller than our current 6×4 inch 3:2 format) Enlarging a scanned photo works ok as a gradual enlargement, however you do sacrifice some quality the more you enlarge. Print sizes I offer are 6×4, 7×5, A4 & A3.

About image quality

Highlighting the importance of the initial photograph’s quality is crucial for understanding the outcome of the digital image. Please keep in mind that the final digital image’s quality is tied to the original photograph’s clarity and exposure. Unfortunately, underexposed or out-of-focus photographs cannot be rectified.

My Photo restoration service is based in Nottingham, but is available nationwide.

The process is easy, just send your slides/film/prints to me and I will professionally scan them. The scanned images are then turned into a digital file ready for printing or using digitally.

When placing an order, I will quote you a price and an estimated completion date depending on the amount of scanning that’s involved.

You’re welcome to drop off your precious film/slides to ensure they don’t get damanged in transit.

If you’re looking for film or slide scanning in Nottingham, please use the contact form below.

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Photo Restoration in Nottingham

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