Lifestyle portrait photography Nottingham with the Seddon family – Wollaton Park 22/11/2015

Here’s a family portrait shoot from last Sunday at one of my favourite locations for outdoor family photographs – Wollaton Park. A lovely location with plenty of areas out of the public eye, with woodland and interesting tree’s (or remains of trees!)

With outdoor shoots, capturing toddlers & young kids can often be very challenging for a photographer, especially if you’re trying to get a few formal shots, so it was refreshing to work with Lilly who didn’t take too much persuading for the odd posed shot! (especially as her aspirations are to become a photographer) They also brought along Bobby, who I have to say was a very well behaved and photogenic dog!

Location and timing (amongst other factors) were crucial to ensure I delivered a batch of inspiring and natural family photographs. The feeling of earthy autumnal colours with natural backgrounds and a low setting golden sun certainly had a big impact on the images I captured. My aim was to capture a selection of natural and posed photographs, with emphasis on the natural shots, nothing too cheesy, forced or cliché. I’m a believer in building rapport with the subjects your working with, breaking down any barriers and ensuring their comfortable, as this will go a long way in ensuring you capture the best in a person.

Similar to the way I’d photograph a bride and groom, I used my signature lighting set-up to add a touch of depth & drama to the photographs – which is a single off camera flash through a beauty dish. Using this method of lighting not only ensures I can capture images with style and flair but it makes me think about everything before pressing the shutter. Location, background, subject pose, vantage point, light placement, light power, camera settings, depth of field etc all have to be evaluated before I press the shutter. Getting these variables right and making sure the image is properly set up and well lit is paramount to creating a photograph worthy of hanging on a wall.

Thanks to my wife Bex for assisting me on this one 🙂


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