Top Wedding Venues

An insight into the various kinds of wedding venues across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and the surrounding areas

Top wedding venues across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire & surrounding areas

All you need to know

With a growing number of wedding venues available today it can be a minefield just thinking where to start. There can be a lot to think about and you’ll need to consider things like the location, its size and if it can cater for your needs.

Venues today offer all kinds of weddings to suit all styles and themes. Here’s a list of just a few types of wedding venues across Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire you can consider for your big day.

Historic homes/Halls

These can be a great choice if you’re after less of a modern feel and maybe more of a nostalgic traditional setting. They usually have lots of rooms, but be mindful if your guests are split across the whole house. These venues tend to have lovely interior decor, something that can yield great portraits. They can be situated in more rural areas and tend to have ample grounds for nice outdoor photos.

Castle wedding

Every photographers dream venue to work at! A castle wedding can be true fairy tail if you’re looking for the ultimate grand entrance. The interiors and gardens can be a perfect setting for photographs. You may not be able to hire the castle for the whole day and you may only have access to parts of the castle. The other thing to consider is the cost as they don’t come cheap!


Perfect for that rustic wedding, these venues can be a cosy and warm setting especially in winter and can be great for photos with candle lights and wooden beams. You’ll have an exclusive wedding but may find that they don’t have accommodation.

Marquee/Tipi wedding

Another contender which is fast becoming a popular choice amongst couple who wish to put their own spin on things. Here you have a blank canvas to work with and can easily bring your vision to life with your own twist. Space is always a positive but bear in mind things like heating if it’s not a summer wedding. You may also be responsible for all the small things like chairs, tables etc. Also consider the land its going on and access to toilets etc.


Everything can be catered for under one roof with a hotel wedding. Accommodation is always available and catering is always part of the package. You probably won’t get exclusivity as it’s likely the hotel will have other guests staying. You may also find there’s more than one wedding on the same day.

Sporting venues

If you love sport, you’ll have probably considered holding your wedding at your favourite football club or your local cricket ground. This will allow you to incorporate your passion into your wedding day. If its match day your guests can be entertained at no extra cost! It may not tick all the boxes though and if you don’t support the same team it could be a tricky one to convince the other half!


Perfect for animal lovers and a great way to include a few extra fury friends on your special day! A zoo wedding will no doubt create some cool wedding photographs and it can also allow guests to have fun and explore the zoo. Worth checking out the room you’ll have and if it can tick enough boxes.


Here’s some of my favourite wedding venues across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and the surrounding areas.


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