Another epic Swancar Farm wedding in Nottingham on the blog! Here’s a wedding where I’ve resisted the temptation to create the same shots from previous weddings and found new scenes & areas to work with. From the Hollywood style groom portraits to the dance-floor shots taking using some new ideas.

Sophie & Sam were a pleasure to work with on the day and it was a beautiful wedding to photograph. There were so many great moments to capture including the bridal preparations, emotional speeches, first dance, sparklers and night shots. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Naylor!

Information & advice from the newly-weds.

How long have you been together/Any stories about how you met?: We’ve been together 7 years in November.

Any stories or tales from the proposal: We got engaged at magic kingdom in Florida and I didn’t suspect a thing, very sneaky and a complete surprise!

Reasons for choosing your venue: We chose a Swancar Wedding in Nottingham because we had seen so many lovely pictures and we knew it had to be there. We didn’t even entertain the idea of anywhere else!

Colour scheme/theme/style: We went for vintage to go with the country house theme. All browns whites and then the girls were all in a pale mauve.

Any special thoughts/memories from the day: The whole day was so special we couldn’t pick out a particular moment! We wouldn’t change a thing and couldn’t pick fault with anything!

Any advice for couples planning a wedding: The only advice I could give would be SAVE SAVE AND SAVE MORE!!!! It’s an expensive day but It’s so worth it in the end!


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Supplier details

Venues: Greasley church and Swancar Farm

Photographer: Matt Selby Photography

Videographer: Patrick Taylor

Hair Stylists: Julie head and Megan Duffy – Enigma Hair

Make up artists: Lydia Hankin and Megan Duffy

Dresses: Ivory White Bridal

Suits: Next

Cake: Nickola kemp

Flowers: Hilltop florist

Cars: Cupid Carriages

DJ/Band: Paul Martyn

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