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Google virtual tours are full HD 360° interactive tours that showcase your business across the worlds largest search engine – Google. The virtual tour is featured across; Google Maps, Google search, Google street view, your website, social media and mobile.

A business with Google a virtual tour on average receive double the engagement and enquiries compared to businesses without a Google tour and the average tour receives over 175,000 organic views per year.

A See Inside virtual tour built with street view technology is more than photography, it’s an experience, one that brings your customers into your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


In such a highly competitive market place, you have less than 5 seconds to grab interest and encourage further interaction. A Virtual Tour will maximize this crucial time and create immediate visual impact, showcasing your space and encouraging interest and action.

A listing with a Virtual Tour will receive 40% more views than a competitor’s site that is lacking media. (Pew Internet Life Study)

80% of Internet shoppers say images are imperative when deciding to buy or use a company’s products or services. (Ask yourself when was the last time you booked a hotel room without viewing the pictures)

Google listings with Virtual Tours are on average, clicked 10 times more than those that do not offer the service. (Source: Property Week)


Virtual Reality is fast becoming a big part of new media, with Google Cardboard headsets bringing 360 viewing to the masses.

All of my tours are compatible with cardboard (and other VR headsets) allowing you to showcase your premises in virtual reality via your smartphone. A simple, fun and affordable way to experience VR.  This cutting-edge technology can open further marketing potential by using headsets for;

Trade shows – Display a tour of your location using a Google Cardboard headset (then give away the branded headset as a unique promotional gift.)

Mobile Sales Tool – You could hand over a VR headset when out on sales meetings and show the customer your venue tour. (A great way of increasing awareness and building trust during the sales process)

Education – Use headsets to help with training sessions where access to a location may not be possible.


Google Maps is one of the most utilised platforms in the world and the most popular app on android and iOS. When on the go, consumers increasingly turn to Google Maps on their mobile device to find businesses around them.
With search terms like “Restaurants near me” or “Hotels in Nottingham”, with a Street View Trusted tour embedded on the Google Maps listing, they can quickly get an idea if the place is a suitable match to what they wish to purchase, experience or visit.
A verified location on Google maps with a Street View Trusted tour will appear higher in local search results versus another business without such technology. Hence, you are giving your business a competitive edge over others by implementing the Street View Trusted virtual tour.

Street View | Trusted works wonders for so many businesses

Number of panoramas taken to date

Number of panoramas views to date



Your Google Virtual Tour will be photographed, moderated and published by myself, Matt Selby.

I’m a Nottingham based Google certified photographer with years of experience. I’ve photographed many businesses all across the UK, from Berwick-Upon-Tweed to Penzance, in all industries & niches.

My wealth of experience and attention to detail means I always deliver the highest standards of photography which will go a long way to showcasing your business in the best possible light whilst making you more discoverable online.

Since becoming a Google certified photographer I’ve captured over 3,500 panoramas for various UK businesses that has amassed to over 27 million views (and counting) online.


No business is too big or too small.

Google Virtual Tours Nottingham The Cornerhouse

The Cornerhouse

Google Virtual Tours Nottingham YHA Cardiff

YHA Cardiff

Google Virtual Tours Nottingham Spinning Clock

Spinning Clock

Google Virtual Tours Nottingham Alfreton Hall

Alfreton Hall

Google Virtual Tours Nottingham Farndon Marina

Farndon Marina

Google Virtual Tours Nottingham The Embankment

The Embankment

Google-Virtual-Tours-Nottingham-YHA lulworth Cove

YHA lulworth Cove

Google Virtual Tours Nottingham GSM Performance

GSM Performance

Google-Virtual-Tours-Nottingham-Majestic Wine

Majestic Wine

Anytime Fitness Google Virtual Tour


ROFl Google Virtual Tour


Vets for pets Google Virtual Tour


Matt Selby Google Virtual Tour


Rufford Abbey Virtual Tour

Google Virtual Tours Nottingham 01

Depot climbing centre Virtual Tour



How does it all work?

When you choose to include Street View | Trusted, I will take a series of images which will then be stitched together and used as a 360 degree virtual tour. These stitched images (or panoramas) are then linked together to form a connection. I then moderate and ingest the tour into your Google listing.

The virtual tour allows customers to walk around, explore and interact with your business like never before. What’s more, you’re able to add the tour to your own web site. Now your direct web visitors will now be able to experience your business just like being there. When they like what they see, they’re so much more likely to come and spend with you.

In today’s society, customers do a great deal of research online so they know exactly where to go and what to expect. Having an improved web presence on Google will help strangers become customers.

How do people find my tour?

There are many ways in which a potential customer can land on your virtual tour. When someone searches Google Maps for example, a common search term may be ‘Hotels in Nottingham’, a number of red place markers (pins) are shown. If you click on the pin you are then presented with the business information, this is where we find the opening hours, address, phone number, and more importantly, the photographs and ‘see inside’ thumbnails which are linked to the virtual tour.

Business owners can claim control of the page and add photos and descriptions of their business. There’s no cost to you for this page, which is effectively a free web site for your business provided 365 days a year by Google. This is an amazing bargain when you consider the cost of other media advertising that lasts only a limited period.

Customers will land on these pages when looking for local services, its of great importance you utilise this page with business information, professional imagery and a virtual tour.

Who can produce the tours for Google business view?

A Google certified photographer is required to capture the images and 360 degree panoramas. Matt Selby has completed the Google certification process to capture street view imagery and become one of a select few Google Trusted Photographers in the UK.

How will it affect my trading?

You’re welcome to have your tour scheduled outside of working hours, so there does not need to be any disruption to your daily work.

The tour typically takes between one and two hours on site, depending on its size. An estimation of the shoot duration will be given when you request a free survey and quote.

As on Street View, any faces and car registration numbers are blurred, but Google Photographers normally aim to keep people out of the tour imaging, where possible.

I am not/my business is not “tech savvy” so I’m not sure if this is for me?

You/your business may not be tech savvy but the majority of your potential customers probably are, so it’s imperative to have a good online presence with upto date info & imagery as potential customers will be window shopping online.

Don’t worry. I have years of experience working with the Internet, websites, SEO, & search engines, etc and I’m happy to help you gain a little knowledge so that you can easily maintain your Google listing.

Do you do still photography too?

Absolutely, and having a series of external and interior ‘points of interest’ photos will go one step further in attracting more attention and visits to your online listings.

All the still photographs are delivered in high resolution for you to use however you wish. These are great for using alongside your virtual tour in your Google listings and are perfect for web use, 3rd party sites and social media, creating enhanced online sophistication and brand consistency.

What’s more you can take advantage of a 20% discount off still photography when ordering multiple same-day services.

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What will it cost?

My clients may be big but my pricing isn’t! Full Virtual Tour packages can cost as little as £295. (less than the cost of a 1/4 page ad in a magazine!) A one off price with no annual hosting fee’s.



Build trust and let people experience your location before they arrive with a high resolution tour (equivalent to 4k resolution)

These immersive, virtual experiences inspire greater confidence among prospective customers and helps turn visitors into sales.


User experience

Allow users quick and easy access to various parts of the tour with the option to include links tourcards/ hotspots / images / video and more. Fully responsive across all platforms.



navigation Menu

Your custom tour has a labelled menu to access different parts of the tour quick and easy.

(Menu can be in text or thumbnail view)

Social media friendly

Used within a sponsored post you can target the audience you want, show your new content, measure engagement and can be seen as cutting edge.

Customisable themes

Control over how the tour displays.

Use colours and styles to match your branding!

Easy to embed

Custom tours work great when embedded onto your website.

(The Google embedded tours don’t have this much functionality)

Time saving

If you use the tours on your website, 3rd party sites & social media sites, you only need the one embed code or link saving you time from adding buttons/shortcuts/icons & links manually.

Analytics & VR

Details insights with Google analytics integration to monitor stats and performance.

Custom tours work in VR so you can explore in virtual reality!


Increased marketing potential

Use your custom tour online, on social media, at shows, presentations, events and in meetings etc.



Pretty much any business that has had a virtual tour can benefit from a bespoke overlay tour.

Bespoke tours are usually suited to larger tours that have a lot of separate areas which makes it easy for the user to access various areas of the tour whilst being presented with information on each area.


Absolutely, I would encourage you to keep the tour up to date and maybe look at adding new areas to the tour following any refurbishments or changes.

The best thing about a custom tour is the ability to add or remove sections on a tour and add/remove/modify the information which is presented in the tour.


Bespoke tours are exactly what they say on the tin! Therefore prices can vary depending on the size scale and customisation required for the project.

Bespoke tours do require hosting so there’s a small cost involved to host the tour online. This can range from a 1 month to lifetime validity. All tours are incredibly cost effective with a fast ROI: Only a small fee for such cutting edge technology.


Dealing with Matt has been a pleasure from start to finish. No nonsense, sensible pricing, an incredible service, and a superb quality product at the end.

After monitoring the performance from a batch of tours, we’ve discovered an increase in web traffic by 50% and transactions by 30%, resulting in a fast ROI.

Matt is a delight to work with, professional, polite and friendly, I feel completely at ease when I know that he’s on the job photographing our hostels to the highest standards.

Jon Smith

Head of E-Commerce, YHA England & Wales

Following an initial meeting with Matt I instantly found him very informative and trustworthy. Matt advised professionally and realistically what would be best for my business and gave good advice throughout.

The shoot was carried out to the highest standards and the turn around was fast. The work has reflected my business in a highly positive and professional way.

Having a Google Virtual Tour has proven to be incredibly cost effective and a valuable asset in our marketing strategies.

Mr Bullock

Managing Director, Urban Angels Hair Boutique



Take a 20% same-day discount on still photography when booked with a virtual tour.

This saves time, money and creates consistency across your branding and online imagery.



You can use this contact form for availability, to find more information or to arrange a free survey. I always try my best to reply within 48 hours.

If you haven’t received an email back, please check your spam/junk folder.

You can also reach me via the following:

Phone: 07855 036209

Email: [email protected]

50 Bolingey Way, Hucknall, Nottingham, NG15 6TQ.



P: 07855 036 209

E: [email protected]

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