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album design & Specification


choosing your favourite phtographs for the album

  • How many do we pick? I’d recommend picking all your favourites and not worrying too much about numbers. If you want to stick with the standard 15 leaves I’d recommend choosing around 70-90.
  • How to make your selection. Simply log into your online gallery and choose your favourite images by clicking the flag icon over each image.
  • Once you’ve chosen your favourites. If you find you’ve gone into the hundreds that’s fine, we can increase the amount of spreads in your album so it features all your favourite photographs. (Extra leaves from just £15)
  • When you’ve finished your selections. You can view all your favourites at the top of the screen by clicking the flag icon. This takes you to your list of favourites where you can further narrow it down if required.
  • When you’re happy with your selection. Click the flag icon and select ‘Send to photographer’ – Once sent, I’ll be notified and can make a start on the design.

the design process

  • I’ll do my very best to include all of your selected images in the album, but to ensure the album tells a story from page to page, has consistency and looks its absolute best, I may need to add or remove images or often turn a black and white image into colour (or vice versa)
  • Once the design is complete I’ll upload your album design into a digital proofing gallery for you to view (check your email inbox for login details)
  • You can view the layout of the album page by page. If there’s anything you’d like changing you can make a comment in the text box for that particular spread. I can make the changes and re-upload ready for your approval.
  • Once you have approved the album, if there’s any extra spreads or parent albums, I’ll email over an invoice for the extras ready for the final step – ordering your album(s)
  • Your album(s) will be created and delivered (straight to you) within 14-21 days.



  • Parent albums can be ordered alongside your main album. Get a pair of 8×8 albums which are exact replicas of your main album. They contain the same images inside and the same paper finish. The bonus here is that they are effectively buy one get one free!
  • Parent albums come in pairs But they don’t have to be for parents, they can be gifted to anyone who would appreciate an abum. Where parents have helped towards the wedding, these are a great way to express your gratitude and say thank you with a gift that lasts a lifetime!


album box & usb

  • Album boxes come with a matching lift ribbon and a matching USB can also be added to store of your digital files for safe keeping.
  • An album box will protect your album from humidity and temperature changes over the years. You can also choose a different colour for the inside of the box which looks great.
  • The most popular choice is grey. Neutral tones looks great when offset with a lighter or darker box interior. V1 & V3 currently available as a box interior colour. (works great with the V4 Dove grey textile) 

Please fill out the form below for the type of album you’d like so I know your choices and specifications.


for albums with an acrylic cover


for albums with laser etching text


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